“Кетура, Матанот” Хайей Сара 25:1

25:1 “И вновь Авраам взял жену, по имени Кетура.” Источники: Берейшит Раба, Дерех Хаим, Дерех Эмес, Энциклопедия Талмудит, М.М. Кашер, Ликутей Сихос, аЭмек Двар, Мидраш аГадоль, Ялкут Шимони, Тора Шлейма, Тора Тмимим תורה תמימה. Бава Басра , Рамбам, Зоар и тд.

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  1. wp5775
    כ״ב במרחשון ה׳תשע״ו (November 4, 2015) at 2:57 am

    “Abraham’s Presents to the East” Simcha-Shmuel Treister from Zohar, parashat Vayeira, p. 99a.
    Rabbi Abba continued; One day, as I was traveling, I was in a particular city and met some people from India. They told me some of the ancient knowledge that is found in their books of wisdom (based on the names of the unholy side that were sent to them by Abraham in an attempt to help them overcome their tendency to idol worship). I was shown one book where it was written, that the direction that a person directs his will in This World, draws down to him a spiritual force from above. This spirit is similar to his desire to reach a goal that he has connected himself to in This World.